Is Setanta ready to deal with BSkyB?

February 9, 2009

The pay TV satellite broadcaster, Setanta, could be looking to BSkyB for some assistance, by asking for some matches to be sub-licensed to them in order for Setanta Sports to be able to show live football coverage as they have in the past.

Setanta bid only £159 million for their package, whereas BSkyB paid £1.3 billion for theirs, which is considerably larger.

Sharing is doubtful, especially as Setanta has the rights for home international football friendly matches and shares the FA Cup live coverage with the BBC.

There are two factors against Setanta’s proposal.

The first and most important is that sub-licensing is forbidden under the terms of the deal, and secondly BSkyB is not likely to share the matches in any case.

This could leave Setanta struggling to survive.


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