Government set to end spectrum dispute

February 12, 2009

Mobile phone operators have been called to a meeting today, with a view to reaching an agreement that would enable Communications Minister, Lord Carter’s plan, to provide a minimum broadband service of 2 Mbps throughout the country, to go ahead.

It is thought that in order to do this there is a need for some flexibility from the mobile phone industry over the 900 MHz spectrum, which is known as 2G.

This is used by O2 and Vodafone to provide their mobile broadband service, but opening it up would allow other operators to extend their 3G networks.

The whole issue of the spectrum is the key to the success of the Digital Britain plan and means the difference between a nationwide minimum broadband service offering 2 Mbps, or leaving the network as it is, with some users able to get 100 Mbps, while others have no broadband service at all.


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