Successful 20 Mbps mobile broadband test for Vodafone

February 17, 2009

Mobile broadband provider Vodafone has once again shown off its supremacy in the HSPA+ market, by demonstrating its latest test of a connection speed in excess of 20 Mbps.

This is great news for mobile broadband users who need this service in order to work while away and to stay in touch with contacts, but currently the networks are very intermittent.

In the larger towns and cities it is quite possible to get a 7 Mbps service, whereas in other areas there is no service at all.

The next step for Vodafone is to work with its partners to produce equipment capable of supporting this technology, but it also needs to upgrade the network in parts of the country where there is no service at all and then move on to bringing the entire network up to speed.


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