Ofcom stops Domino’s sponsorship of Simpsons

David Allen -

The media regulator, Ofcom, has said that sponsorship of ‘The Simpsons’ by the pizza company Dominos broke the government’s rules on junk food advertising to children.

These rules were put in place to combat childhood obesity, by not allowing products that are high in salt, fat and sugar to appear in shows designed to appeal to the under sixteen year old age group.

It was the National Heart Forum which complained to Ofcom, claiming that Dominos had side stepped the rules by not showing any food at all.

BSkyB claimed that the Domino’s sponsorship did not breach the rules and that ‘The Simpsons’ is not targeted at children, as seventy two per cent of its audience are adults.

They went on to argue that around forty seven per cent of Domino’s products were not considered to be junk food.

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