Plug-and-View Video From Aspen

February 24, 2009

Video over the internet is the coming thing, as fibre connections become more common and increase available bandwidth exponentially but at an affordable cost, and manufacturers are jumping onto the bandwagon with new innovations.

With the US going over totally to digital television this year, the demand for more fibre connections will dramatically increase, with a concomitant drop in cost as viewers demand more and more experiences like 3D video and high density TV.

This will spread to the internet with experts saying the demand for bandwidth will rise as surfers take advantage of the new offerings to enhance their internet experiences, bandwidth that can only be supplied by fibre connections.

But the US is not the only place the digital revolution is taking place.

Already up and running in the United Arab Emirates is a country-wide digital system connecting many mosques in the country, allowing delivery of centralised knowledge and education sharing as well as video conferencing.

Pakistan is also at the forefront of the fibre revolution, with a massive infrastructure network being developed in the world’s sixth most populous nation of 165 million people.

With thousands of kilometres of fibre cable being laid on a daily basis, Pakistan will have a massive cable service available to consumers by the end of this year.

Leading the push with innovative products is Aspen Optics who has just launched a new system that will allow the transmission of long distance, high quality, real time video signals via its new MetroBlazer™ MB2100 Video Optical Transceiver.

The company has also teamed up with Pakistan’s Digital Solution to build that nation’s new fibre network.

The demand for fibre is also being driven by business, with innovations such as the Communications-Enabled Business Processes now enabling business networks that supply services including voice communication, data and video streaming, and which will enhance the communication process between businesses, their customers, staff and suppliers.


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