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February 25, 2009

Dave ja vu launched by UKTV

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by David Allen

The channel Dave has been such a success that it is going to get a time shift service.

However, unlike other channels, Dave likes to do things slightly differently, with a name that works really well.

Dave +1, will allow viewers to watch scheduled programmes an hour later, which is handy if a programme is missed or clashes with something else on the Sky+ planner.

But Dave+1 does not sound like the catchy name that is going to get people talking, so the channel is going to be renamed Dave ja vu and will be available on Sky, Freeview and Virgin media.

Dave has been targeted at sixteen to thirty four year olds, hence the amusing take on channel branding.

In fact Dave ja vu is quite funny and appropriate for the brand and the time shift too.

Story link: Dave ja vu launched by UKTV

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