Virgin Media goes further into the red

February 26, 2009

The cable services provider Virgin Media had a difficult last quarter, with new customer sign ups dropping by a massive forty per cent.

This news comes as the company posted losses of £50 million for the same quarter, which it said was due to the fact that it only managed to attract 14,800 new customers compared to 24,000 in the same period last year.

At the same time Virgin Media has seen a fall in customers taking out the profitable broadband, TV and phone packages, with only 185,000 sales in the last quarter compared to 272,100 in the same quarter of 2007.

It is to be expected during the current economic situation that sales will slow.

How long it goes on and how companies cope is the real test.


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  1. Steve Palmer says:

    The real reason Virgin Media is having problems persuading new and current customers to take up extra packages is, as the majority know, they have severly over sold their service with little to no upgrades for a long time to relieve the bottlenecks on their tired network.
    Virgin are rolling out 50 Mb Broadband when they are unable to provide a reliable 10 or 20 Mb one. and havn’t been able to do so for over a year.
    When complaints are made customers are fobbed off with “It’s been passed through to our sheduling office for upgrades”. This work never happens and some customers are going on 18 months waiting for their service to become useable.
    I myself am currently subscribbed to the 20 Mb service, however I never achieve over 3 Mb evening and weekends, and even then there is so much packet loss it makes even browsing almost impossible.

  2. Matthew Little says:


    I think you need to dig deeper into your problems, I had a problem with not been able to get over 3Mb, turns out it was my wireless router, the second I plug the modem straight into the computer, I get a nice, fast, consistent 19.7Mb, which lets face it, is as close as you can expect to 20Mb when you add in TCP/IP overheads.

    Its quite annoying to see so many people moaning about virgin media, when often the problem is resolvable (After talking to my neighbours, there are now 14 of us (down a street of 17) that have consistent broadband, reliable home phone, and excellent TV. As soon as virgin get a decent mobile phone, I’ll have one of those as well.

    Virgin would do a lot better, if they actually tried to sell, another person down our street wants the package, but apparently they are not covered, even though the rest of us are. If they keep doing that, they will never get more subscriptions. It would also help if they actually expanded their network to include other areas, or upgraded the last 2 exchanges to digital.

  3. Steve Palmer says:

    My problems are nothing to do with the router or set-up (I’m a newtwork engineer). I get 19 Mb the rest of the time. Those times when no one actually wants to use the Internet.
    I’ve suffered for over two years with problems over Virgin’s speeds and packet loss (varying signal levels). First they replaced the connectors in the Pit. Then they changed the connection in the cabinet. Then they changed the connection points in my home. Over this time there we’re FOUR or five replacement modems, as they seemed unable to find the fault they almost gave up and kept replacing modems hoping it would magically fix itself. Then they did a full new cable pull from the street.
    Then finally after TWO years of complaints they sent a fleet of vans around and FINALLY found a broken shield on the cable in the street cabinet. That FINALLY fixed my speed issues, only to have IDENTICAL symptoms arise not even two months later, but this time it’s down to over subscription, and admitted by 2nd line Virgin tech support (virgin reference F000875638).

    Perhaps you should be a little more suspicious of your own connection when Virgins own newsgroups are covered with country wide over subscription speed issues.

    When you get a chance (any EVENING after 7pm).

    Bring up a DOS box (run CMD).

    ping -t

    You SHOULD get responses of around 50 ms, with NO packet loss.
    On good evenings/weekends I’ll get 500 ms pings (to the UK where I live) with a 15% packet loss.
    On bad evenings I get 1200 ms Pings (average) with up to 75% packet loss.
    Even as I type this I have 175ms Pings with 2% packet loss and that’s morning.

  4. matthew little says:

    In that case I feel sorry for you, just pinged bbc, a nice low 27ms average, as for speed just started downloading a debian iso and its at a nice 18mb.

    You should complain a lot more, seems from looking around ex ntl is worse than ex telewest

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