Jack Straw’s email hacked

February 27, 2009

The UK Justice Secretary, Jack Straw has lost his wallet and is stranded in Nigeria; please send £2,000 so he can get back home.

This was the general wording of a message that was sent to around two hundred of the politician’s friends.

They were in the address book of his Hotmail email account when it was hacked.

This is not a fraud that has been personally directed towards the MP.

It was probably just a lucky hit for the hacker who got into the email of the UK Justice Secretary.

The fraud has been reported on several occasions; in fact Facebook had a similar problem a while back.

It is not likely that any friend of Jack Straw would believe that he was stranded in Nigeria with no way of getting home, and he is in good company as Britney Spears, Barack Obama and the Fox News channel have all had their email accounts hacked.


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