Record subscribers for Virgin Media

March 3, 2009

The cable provider Virgin Media has stated that there are a record amount of customers using its broadband service.

This follows an increase of 57,100 new customers signing up for Virgin Media services, taking the total number of users to 3.68 million.

Virgin Media launched its super fast broadband service, which offers a broadband connection speed of around 20 Mbps, in late in 2008, and this service has already attracted 1.2 million users.

The provider also scrapped its 2 Mbps service and upgraded current users to a 10 Mbps service.

However, this increase in new customers and those existing customers upgrading their service has still not prevented the company from posting overall loses of around £50 million in the last quarter of the year.

It is clear that Virgin Media is in a good position despite the loss and the current financial situation.


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  1. Glauco says:

    I am a Virginmedia customer on a 2mbps connection. I have not been upgraded to 10Mbps. I phoned 5 days ago and was told that to get 10Mbps would cost more. There are no signs of a mass upgrade, as you seem to suggest.

  2. Justin says:

    The 2 to 10 uplift will happen over the next few months. They have an aggressive plan, but it won’t be immediate due to network upgrades.

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