ADATA launches USB drives at CeBIT

Jan Harris

March 6, 2009

ADATA Techology of Taiwan is showcasing a variety of products at CeBIT, including a 512GB SSD at one end of the spectrum and magnetic octopi at the other.

The company has cunningly hidden USB 2.0 drives, offering up to 16GB of storage, in pink and blue octopi, which are attracted to each other by magnets so that they look like they are kissing.

I’m not sure why ADATA decided to hide USB sticks in octopi, but they do look cute and you’re not likely to lose them or get them mixed up with someone else’s USB stick.

A-Data won an iF Product Design 2009 award for the T806 Kissing Octopus Couple Drive.

On a more serious note, ADATA launched a new 64GB USB flash drive, the S901, at the technology show.

The compact drive has a vibration-resistant outer casing and water, dust and shock resistant.

If 64GB isn’t big enough for you, ADATA also announced a 512GB SSD 2.5in drive offering read/write speeds of 230MB/s and 160MB/s, respectively.

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