LG unveils unnamed solar handset

March 6, 2009

LG has become the latest handset maker to jump on the solar power bandwagon - although its solar handset is still so early in its production stages that it doesn’t yet have a name.

According to LG, the handset will feature a solar panel along the back providing three minutes of talktime for every ten minutes of sunlight soaked up.

In sunny regions of the world, the handset would never need an electric charger.

Pictures of the prototype show that the phone features a five-megapixel camera with flash.

A solar-powered Bluetooth handsfree kit will also be available, LG said.

Other details about the phone’s environmental credentials - such as whether it will be built with recycled plastics - have yet to be released by LG.

LG has, however, committed to removing harmful chemicals from the production process of all its handsets, and to packaging its mobile in eco-friendly recycled cardboard boxes.

Release date for the LG solar handset is unknown.


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