Sky News gets Twitter correspondent

March 6, 2009

The fact the Sky News has decided it needs a Twitter correspondent should be news in itself, but it also interesting that this is not someone who puts news on Twitter, but someone that is employed to search though Twitter for anything interesting, maybe even a breaking news story.

In fact it may not be a strange as it first sounds, as it has been reported that several breaking news stories have come through Twitter in the first place.

Sky News is not likely to turn down an opportunity like that, neither would any other news broadcaster.

The stories on Twitter must take time to confirm, therefore using Twitter to a large extent may not be worthwhile, but as an additional tool then the micro blogging site might come in handy.

There is the potential for fake breaking news stories to be fed through Twitter though.


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  1. Chris Morledge says:

    Twitter is a dangerous tool for journalist to rely on, the other day I heard the BBC say something like, “According to some twitter users, 20% of x is y” (sorry cannot remember exact quote but hopefully you see what I mean).

    My problem with this is how reliable is twitter?, would BBC news quote some stats if they overheard someone in the pub shouting out some stats? News outlets like BBC and Sky need to be careful what they report and check sources.

  2. Bob says:

    Sky so-called News is now raw honk. Incidentally, Tim Marshall gets all his info from wikipedia and blogs according to George Galloway.

  3. hitwitts says:

    Twitter is a handy tool for journalist to rely on, Aother day you will hear the BBC say something like, “According to some twitter users, 80% of x is x”.

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