3D films boost Sky’s plans

March 9, 2009

By now BSkyB’s interest in 3D is common knowledge, but how serious it is about offering this service has not really been known.

Sure, BSkyB has aired an interest in providing a 3D service but recent news from the states has made 3D a real possibility.

Over the next eighteen months or so, Hollywood studios have indicated that they will be committing the resources to produce around sixty films in 3D.

This gives BSkyB the base to launch its 3D service, as a flow of new content would be available.

The satellite broadcaster would be able to use the existing Sky+ HD boxes, with no need for any modifications.

The only problem for the subscriber would be that they would have to buy a new TV and currently these are quite expensive.


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  1. Carl Barron says:

    It would be good news if the content of material were a lot better quality, as it is it’s just the same old junk movies in HD or 3 D. Hence the drop off as to those using Television and going onto the Internet.

    In my personal opinion I believe Sky TV has perhaps the best range of overall material at a reasonable price. These prices may well come down in the currant economic climate.

    Carl Barron
    Chairman of agpcuk
    Action Group for the Protection of Communities UK

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