Firefox 3.1 to change to 3.5

March 9, 2009

With a lot of changes and upgrades having to be made on Firefox 3.1, it must be time for the next version to be released.

Firefox is doing well, having recently caught up with and overtaken IE6, but in order for the surge to continue maybe it is time to release Firefox 3.5.

Mozilla has confirmed that 3.1 will be faded out, so that the 3.5 version which is said to be much more sophisticated as expected, can be released.

Currently 3.5 is in the pre beta stages, so this would normally mean that a release date is not a long way off.

There is competition from the likes of IE8 and of course, Google’s Chrome, which has had a small impact on the browser market, but when it comes to speed Firefox wins hands down.


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