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March 9, 2009

Samsung marketers hire fake Pink

by David Allen

Samsung has hired pop singer Pink to promote its Tocco and Pixon handsets, or so it says.

A Pink tribute artist (i.e. a fake Pink) turned up at a local Carphone Warehouse store to launch the Samsung promotion.

We are in the middle of the credit crunch, so perhaps we can forgive them for not being able to afford the real thing.

Or maybe Samsung’s marketers are just a gullible lot.

Either way, pictures are available here, here, and here.

According to Samsung, ‘Pink fans were caught off guard’ by the tribute artist driving past in her pink Cadillac and nattering on her new Samsung mobile.

If you ask me, they don’t really look like fans.

More like bemused bystanders waiting to cross the road.

Someone needs to tell her driver it’s illegal to stop on a box junction with yellow hatching (Highway Code rule 150), unless you’re turning right, which he’s blatantly not.

Carphone Warehouse is giving away free Pink goodies with every Tocco and Pixon handset sold, including Pink’s #1 ‘Funhouse’ album, and an MP3 ringtone of her ‘sober’ track.

The real Pink is currently preparing for her UK tour.

She’s visiting Glasgow, Birmingham, Belfast, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, and London in April and May (we have to include that bit in exchange for being cheeky).

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