Small businesses using home broadband

March 10, 2009

In a study carried out by Pipex, it has been found that there are more small businesses than ever working from home and connecting to home broadband services.

The study found that seventy nine per cent of small businesses are using their home broadband service for work purposes.

For many businesses, working from home can be a massive saving, provided that they have the space and the type of business that does not rely on passing trade.

This highlights the need for a reliable broadband connection and in some cases; just a broadband connection would be nice.

The study found that out of all the things that can ruin your day, such as traffic and commuting, not being able to connect to the internet is the worst thing that can happen.


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  1. Samir Maasri says:

    Great info but can i know in wich parts of the world thus study is based.

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