UK consumers using one password for everything

March 11, 2009

According to recent research, around a third of computer users are still using the same passwords for accessing different websites, causing concern among security experts.

Fortunately, there are almost twenty per cent of computer users who use a password for only one site, according to the security firm Sophos.

This research found that three years ago there were an estimated forty one per cent who used the same password for all of their access.

This would indicate that the message is getting through, but not nearly as fast as everyone in the internet security industry would like.

Passwords are a problem for computer users, as there are many applications that require a username and password to access them.

Therefore it is easier to pick something familiar, but passwords that are based on something personal can be easily guessed.


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  1. Graham Cluley, Sophos says:

    Firstly - thanks for writing about this important security issue David!

    We’ve had a number of people asking how they are supposed to remember lots of different passwords - even if they do follow your advice above about how to produce a harder-to-guess password.

    So, as well as releasing the research, we also produced a short and non-salesy (!) video explaining what people should do to create a hard-to-crack password, and how you could remember passwords on many websites.

    You are welcome to embed the video on your own website if you like

    Hope that helps,

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