Google to sell ads by surfing habits

David Allen -

The search giant Google is to start offering advertisements that are based on the user’s internet surfing habits.

This is not like the related advertising that a user gets when visiting a website, this is much more like the technology used by Phorm.

It will be using a cookie from DoubleClick, a company that Google took over a while back.

The cookie will track the user’s internet movements through websites that offer AdSense.

Clearly all a user would need to do is delete the cookie to stop the tracking, but having to do that after using Google is not viable, therefore Google has included an easy way for users to opt out of the scheme on the ad preference page.

The targeted advertising will start on the 8th April.

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  1. Porridge says:

    You are mistaken. It’s nothing like Phorm. Google will be tracking you with web beacons and cookies much like it’s done for ages. The Phorm equipment installed in the ISP’s server farm snoops on your entire browsing stream that is not HTTPS. How would you like to have ALL your browsing intercepted by Phorm? You wouldn’t? Then write to Ofcon, the ICO and your MP and tell them so.

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