HTC, Samsung to release new Android Handsets

March 18, 2009

With the announcement of the coming iPhone OS 3.0, nobody seemed to bother with one of its main competitors - the Google Android. It could be a big mistake if Apple underestimates the competition. Google’s Android made some noise of their own. Several mobile phone manufacturers planned to release their own version of the Google Android Phone this year.

HTC, one of the companies mentioned, planned to release three Android-based handsets this year. The company’s CEO, Peter Chou, confirmed this piece of information when asked by reporters last Tuesday.

Samsung, another manufacturer, leaked several models in Amsterdam last Wednesday. One of the pictures showed an Android-based phone. Rumors say that the handset has a capacitive touch-screen display and full Google integration. Two versions are expected. One for Europe and one for U.S. HSPA networks.

With so many manufacturers joining the Open Handset Alliance (Google’s open-source business alliance) last year, it is very encouraging to see these developments.

At the Mobile World Congress, Vodafone unleashed its HTC Magic. Available in Europe this April, many observers guess that this handset will be branded as the T-Mobile G2. The HTC Magic will run the next generation of Android - codenamed Cupcake which is expected to come as an over-the-air update to Android in April.

This version of Android should add functionality such as cut/copy/paste and improve some performance issues within the operating system. LG showed only Windows Mobile phones at MWC, but said that it plans to release at least one Android-based phone by June, and two more later this year.

With the release of Apple’s iPhone 3.0 by June, it is pretty certain that Apple will release new hardware, too. Aside from this, there is also the Palm Pre which is expected to make a huge splash on the smart-phone scene in the April-to-June time frame. This only means that customers will have plenty of options to choose from. We’ll just have to wait and see which handset/software will come out on top.


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