Hackers get free 50 Mbps broadband

March 20, 2009

Over a thousand hackers are getting free access to the super fast broadband service on the Virgin Media cable network by using modems that have been reconfigured.

This has been made possible through the launch of the Virgin Media XXL service with connection speeds of 50 Mbps.

The new equipment provided to users relies on DOCSIS 3.0 data transmission, but this has allowed the hackers to use this new configuration to clone older Virgin Media modems.

This hack allows the modem to connect to the network at 30 Mbps.

However, despite what the hackers think, Virgin Media is onto them.

Virgin Media’s new systems have noticed over a thousand users getting 30 Mbps, when their package shouldn’t offer this speed.

Modifying equipment such as modems could land the user in court, where they could be fined or even given jail time, should Virgin Media want to go down that route.


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