Council to pay £7m to replace satellite dishes

March 30, 2009

The digital switchover has caused many problems, but nothing quite like the problems that Sheffield Council is experiencing.

The issue is that during the switchover, the local authority has to change analogue masts on blocks of flats so that Freeview can be received.

At the same time, they are going to re-clad the buildings, which means the removal of residents’ satellite dishes.

The 14,000 strong Somali community uses these dishes to receive foreign language channels such as Arabic and Somali.

However, the council has decided that the dishes cannot go back because of the damage to the cladding.

The Somali community are getting together in protest, because the council’s plan to provide a satellite dish on the roof will not provide them with the channels that they want.

The council estimate that the cost of replacing the satellite dishes would be around £7 million.


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