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April 6, 2009

Japan gets world fastest broadband

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by David Allen

An American based internet service provider is offering its customers in Japan what is undoubtedly the fastest broadband service in the world.

At 160 Mbps, J:com is offering something that is likely to give the UK broadband network the equivalent of a heart attack.

What’s more the provider, J:com, is charging around £35 for the upgraded modem, which is fair enough, but the price of such super high speed broadband works out at about £35 per month, a price that most UK ISPs would think of as being jaw droppingly low.

The cost of connecting homes in Japan is much lower than in the UK - around £55 to connect to the system including the modem.

The cost of the broadband service itself is also minimal, which is how they can offer these services at such low prices.

Story link: Japan gets world fastest broadband

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