BT blocking access to child pornography sites

April 9, 2009

It has been found that there are around 35,000 attempts to log onto child pornography sites every day through the BT Retail broadband network, according to details released through BT.

After taking this into consideration, it has been further estimated that the annual figure is around fifty eight million attempts to access sites that are on the Internet Watch Foundation’s (IWF) black list.

This list is not published and neither are the attempts to access these sites, but the IWF has a current active list of between eight and twelve hundred sites at any given time.

BT and other internet service providers will display a 404 error page whenever a user attempts to access a blocked site. These attempts are not recorded either.

It is not known whether or not these attempts are by accident, botnet or deliberate, but this just shows the extent of the problem.


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