Tax on BSkyB & Virgin Media could raise £70m

April 28, 2009

Placing a tax on satellite provider Sky and cable provider Virgin Media of just one per cent would raise around £70 million per year, which could be used to part fund the struggling public service broadcasting.

The industry is looking at a shortfall of between £145 million and £235 million in the funding required for the UK public service broadcasting.

The report that was carried out by the Institute for Public Policy Research and was commissioned by the NUJ and Bectu unions found that, going on the revenues for 2007, BSkyB would have to pay around £45 million.

Another suggestion is to tax personal video recorders such as Sky+.

A one per cent tax on these items would raise around £16 million.

Public service broadcasting needs to be funded from somewhere, in order to produce quality content, but whether BSkyB and Virgin Media agree with this method is not known yet.


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