Virgin Media takes customers back to school

April 28, 2009

Apparently, computer users are confused when it comes to broadband.

The technology and terminology are just as confusing as speed and security issues, according to a study of three thousand internet users.

In order to combat this issue, Virgin Media thinks it has the answer and is planning trials of free ‘Broadband Schools’.

These trials will take place initially in the cities that have been showing the least amount of broadband knowledge: Birmingham, Belfast and Leeds.

The poll came back with some astonishing results:

    7% thought “Blu-ray” was a type of broadband;
    18% of internet users did not know what broadband was;
    40% did not know what ADSL broadband was or what an internet browser was;
    45% were clueless about the term “dongle”.

It is clear that if these results are correct, then there is a case for Broadband Schools for some users.


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