BT’s 21CN making slow progress

May 5, 2009

There is a big question mark hanging over the 21st Century Network.

Initially the idea seemed to be good but now, as time lingers on, it looks as if there are problems developing between BT and the internet service providers who are trying to upgrade their services.

The work being carried by BT is taking too long for some ISPs, but time is just one of many factors that are causing concern for the ISPs.

It looks as if there are errors being made by engineers, which are causing serious downtime for the customers of the ISPs.

This means that customers are without broadband access and no matter how many times the ISP states that it is down to BT, the customers start to think about switching providers.


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  1. mark says:

    b.t are crap………… why do we let then take conrol over the uk internet, i hate b.t an there poor customer services stinks, b.t need bring down, there network is full of traffic shaping and they throtal the network say away from b.t they are the most expensive and the slowist, still using old copper lines back from the 50s

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