Google in trouble over Android

May 5, 2009

Android is a great name for an operating system, which is why Google chose it, but it seems that there may be some doubt over who actually owns the trademark.

To get the full story we have to go back to 2002 when Erich Specht was granted the Android trademark to use with his firm Android Data, therefore it is claimed that Google has violated the trademark.

Android disappeared in 2004 when the company went out of business and the domain name was lost, then three years later Google Android appeared on the scene as an open mobile operating system.

Yet in 2008, the US Patent and Trademark Office refused to give Google the right to use the name Android.

Now Specht has filed a legal $2 million case against Google and all of the other firms involved in the Android project.

Google says that it will defend itself against these claims using whatever means necessary.


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