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May 5, 2009

Zeno developers ask pirates to buy game

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by David Allen

The developers of a video game are asking pirates in a nice way to buy the game if they like it.

This could be seen as a way of begging, or maybe they are just not up to date with the way that things work on the internet.

On the other hand this plea could be one of the most innovative plans to be put into action in the fight against pirated material.

The game, Zeno Clash, a sort of punk fantasy fighting game, is produced by an independent group of developers known as ACE, who have been posting comments on such sites as the Pirate Bay.

These comments explain that a small group produces the game, so if the file sharers liked it, would they consider buying a copy?

Clearly not everyone has been rushing out to pay up, but the comments are getting some positive feedback.

Story link: Zeno developers ask pirates to buy game

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