Blackberry Storm 2 Expected this September

Franz Bicar

May 6, 2009

After much speculation, official reports from Research in Motion has finally confirmed the release date of its Blackberry Storm 2 phone. The upgraded Blackberry Story is set to be released this coming September. According to some reports, the Blackberry Storm 2 will support Wi-Fi, which was omitted in the first Blackberry.

So far, reports have said that the Storm 2 is going to upgrade some of the first Blackberry’s functionalities and supported behaviors. However, we still know very little as to the extent of these changes. Since the Storm is RIM’s answer to the iPhone, its mediocre interface, the SurePress click screen, which many reviewers reported was sluggish and awkward to use, would likely be the first issue to address.

Recent rumors say the Storm 2 will also include a 5-megapixel camera, an upgraded display, and a screen keyboard that’s easier to type on. A slide-out keyboard? Probably not. If Blackberry fans want a physical keyboard, they already have plenty of worthy options, including the Curve and the Pearl.

Despite its shortcomings, the Storm has proven very popular. It was the third best selling consumer smart phone in the U.S. last quarter, according to market research firm The NPD Group.


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