Virgin Media customers test 200 Mbps

May 7, 2009

For some internet service providers’ customers getting an 8 Mbps broadband connection is hard enough, especially as the UK average is around 4 Mbps.

However, for some lucky Virgin Media customers the prospect of getting a 200 Mbps connection is about to become a reality.

Once again, it will be Virgin Media’s customers in Kent, who will be given the opportunity to see what is like to be connected to one of the fastest networks in the world.

Virgin Media will be using these trials to test different types of applications, such as 3D TV and 1080p High Definition TV.

The test is estimated to run for around six months.

The problem for users is that the optimum speed of a website is 100 Mbps, so they could see little difference there, but it is in the use of applications that this ‘wideband’ service comes out on top.


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