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May 14, 2009

Mobile broadband spectrum could be capped

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by David Allen

The government’s plans to reshuffle the spectrum have reached the point where there is a need to enforce certain restrictions on the two mobile providers who dominate the 900 MHz spectrum.

In order to do this the plan is to cap the spectrum.

The idea is that any future auction of the 800MHz spectrum will see both Vodafone and O2 excluded from bidding unless they give up some of the 900MHz spectrum which they already hold.

In the Digital Britain plan the 900 MHz spectrum was earmarked to provide mobile broadband services in the rural areas of the UK.

This is part of the ‘Broadband for All’ plan where all households should be able to connect to the broadband network.

As of yet, discussions between the government and the two mobile providers have failed to reach an agreement over the spectrum.

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