GyPSii launches for iPhone

May 15, 2009

GyPSii launches for iPhone
Social networking app GyPSii is now available for the iPhone from Apple’s AppStore.

GyPSii chairman Dan Harple said the iPhone is GyPSii’s ‘perfect’ partner.

GyPSii enables users to create geotagged content to share with their social networking friends on services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Users can geotag their favourite restaurant or clothes store and leave a review, or geotag the cafe they’re waiting in to let friends know where to meet them.

Images can also be geotagged and shared on Facebook and Twitter.

“With GyPSii, you can share what you are doing or planning in real time with your community of friends and followers, and they can comment on it instantly without having to wait until they’re next at their PC,” said Harple.

“We expect iPhone users to quickly become GyPSii fans and use the application to stay connected to their community no matter what network or devices they use.”

GyPSii is available on a range of handsets, including Samsung, Nokia, LG, and Blackberry.


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