Virgin Media reduces traffic management

May 15, 2009

The cable broadband provider, Virgin Media, is relaxing the traffic management restrictions on downloads for all customers at peak times.

This announcement follows the firm’s rollout of its latest technology, the DOCSIS 3.0 network.

From now on customers will be able to download more during the peak hours of 10am to 3pm.

Subscribers to the 10 Mb L package will be able to download up to 3 Gb, users of the 20 Mb XL service with get a massive 7 Gb limit, while customers who can get the 50 Mb service will still be able to download as much as they like.

Virgin Media says that it is able to do this because of the upgrading of the network.

In the latest quarterly results the company announced that its customer base has increased to 3.73 million.


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  1. Daks says:

    Virgin media do not provide a unlimited service, most people still don’t know this. Yet they still continue to state there service is unlimited.
    Relaxing traffic management ? Lost customers ? To little to late VM, I switched to sky.
    VM offer a poor service.

  2. Georges says:

    True, it is not unlimited as it used to be and the traffic management data here ( means that I cannot have a proper use before 9 pm. meaning, no research, no online games etc… cause by 10 I am in bed. for the money it is not worth it. for example, on 10 MB i am (99% of the time, and I don’t download movie or songs or use any form of sharing)throttled back to 2.5 mb. I am paying 25 pounds for this?!!!

    I am switching to sky or BT where even if I only get 2 mb it will still be cheaper.

  3. Master F says:

    You guys are losers… if you get the 10meg or 20meg service just use the service to browse the internet, stream stuff & play online gaming…. then after 9pm download AS MUCH ILLEGAL STUFF AS YOU WANT….till 10am the caps starts again.

    but if you go for the 50 meg service you have NO CAPS what so ever.

    Am on the 10meg service and am host alot on xbox live, my connection & ping times are suberb… i just don’t download anything big till 9pm…. it should work for most ppl.

    virgins fibre optic cable is better than what BT will be offering… there still gonna use ye olde copper wire with fibre optics.

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