Freeview HD may have funding problem

May 18, 2009

The broadcasters likely to get the most out of Freeview going high definition, ITV and Channel Four, look as if they could be getting worried about the cost of taking on such a venture during the current financial crisis.

It was last year when the broadcasters were awarded licences by the regulator Ofcom, to provide HD TV services on digital terrestrial TV.

The Multiplex B had already been reconfigured to accept the HD services from the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and there was even space left over for some regional channels too, but it seems that the recession has taken its toll on the commercial broadcasters to the extent that the HD rollout on Freeview may have to be delayed.

For now, it seems that Channel Four may be thinking of offering an on-demand service, or could even sub let some of the channel’s capacity to other broadcasters who are looking for space on the Freeview service.


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