Cyclops taken over by i3 Group

May 21, 2009

The fibre optic broadband network supplier the i3 Group formally known as H2O networks has taken over the CCTV and UV lining company Cyclops.

The idea behind this move is to provide the company with an in house facility that can detect and repair faults to the broadband network.

So far, i3 have been involved in the fibre optic broadband services in Bournemouth and Dundee, the company lays their cable through the sewer network and connects up each home to the fibre network that offers the customer connection speeds of up 100 Mbps.

This acquisition will enable i3 to locate any faults and repair them quickly, it also gives them the ability to survey the sewers prior to laying any cables, and this too will prevent any future problems that can occur.


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