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May 26, 2009

Samsung UN-40B7000 1080p LED HDTV

by Franz Bicar

LED television is the fad nowadays. That is why the Samsung UN-40B7000 is going to be a very attractive purchase for consumers with some extra cash.

Gorgeous all-round, the UN40B7000 1080p LED HDTV boasts edge-lit LED technology. While in LCDs and backlit LEDs, the light comes from behind the screen, edge-lit models, like this one, shine from the edges. This creates more precise colors, deeper dark areas, brighter light areas, and as much as 40% less energy consumption.

Additionally, features like Enriched Color Expression deliver advanced processing that ensures every image is as vibrant and colorful on screen as it was when it was filmed. Auto Motion Plus 120Hz delivers smooth motion and crisp picture quality, making every scene crystal clear.

Beyond TV viewing include capability to surf the net with Discover Media 2.0. This is all thanks to an Ethernet port and smart navigation tools.

Suited to todays high-quality lifestyle, the UN40B7000 comes equipped to impress. Touch of Color (ToC) is a manufacturing process that infuses a rich red hue into the solid bezel during production, eliminating the need for paints or plastic veneers. With a Touch of Color, the Samsung TV will make a bold design statement hanging on the wall.

Samsung has included an array of ways to surf the net. First, Internet@TV. This feature allows you to connect to web widgets from Yahoo!, Flickr, YouTube, Usa Today, eBay, Showtime Networks, and other new services on your Samsung via the remote. DLNA Networking capabilities let you sync up your entire household with DLNA technology. Connect and share your PC audio and video files through your remote.

Content Library helps with organizing and accessing fun files on the big screen. This built-in 2GB flash memory library contains a photo art gallery, games, workout routines, recipes, and other interesting digital content.

Video comes from an array of sources like DVD and Blu-ray, from cable and satellite, from the internet and from your camcorder or digital camera. With so many diverse sources, you need a diverse set of connectivity options.

Four HDMI inputs provide optimal hi def connectivity, while one component-video input and one S-video input are great for DVD and VHS input. Use the new Samsung flat panel as a computer monitor for watching online content with a PC input, and hook up your portable media player, digital camera, or digital camcorder thanks to a USB V2.0 port.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) enables convenient simultaneous viewing of TV programs and video or PC sources. Finally, because your place will become the new favorite for movie night and game-day viewing, you’ll need the UN40B7000′s wide 178 x 178 viewing angle to give everyone a clear view of all the excitement.

Picture is only half of the high definition experience. Sound makes it complete. If you don’t have the full surround sound setup, you can still get a rich sound from the UN40B7000 with its SRS TruSurround XT.

TruSurround is a patented SRS technology that solves the problem of playing 5.1 multichannel content over two speakers. TruSurround delivers a compelling, virtual surround-sound experience through any two-speaker playback system, including internal television speakers and headphones. It is fully compatible with all multichannel formats up to 5.1 channels. Take full advantage of this virtual surround-sound experience with the UN40B7000′s built-in dual 10W speakers and integrated woofer.

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  1. Prices for led tv’s have dropped quite significantly in the last 12 months and now the “gadget must have crew” have to splash out again if they want the latest 3D LED panels adorning there living space.

    Comment by led tv prices — April 14, 2010 @ 9:23 pm

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