Microsoft goes for Bing

May 29, 2009

Microsoft has not had much luck with search.

First there was MSN Search, then Windows Live Search, which changed into Live Search and now the final instalment of the Microsoft search saga brings us Bing!

They say that Microsoft is not trying to compete with Google which is the benchmark that all others attempt to reach, holding sixty four per cent of the US market share, while Microsoft currently can only claim just over eight per cent of the US search market.

Bing, although not yet launched, already looks neat and precise, but whether people are going to switch their search habits to Microsoft’s Bing is another matter.

The idea is to tap into why so many internet users turn to Google for their search requirements.

Crack that and maybe Bing will make it.


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  1. David Gerard says:

    “So why did we pick Bob Hope as the new core of our search? We needed a brand that was as fresh and new as our approach. Finding a webpage that has anything to do with the search terms you entered is so passé, dahling.” My blog rant:

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