Rural broadband speeds are too slow

May 29, 2009

The state of the broadband network, particularly in rural areas, is becoming a serious concern amongst people who are unable to get a broadband connection.

According to the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), this lack of broadband service is damaging business, and could affect the economy as a whole if this is not corrected soon.

There are some opportunities to get broadband into rural areas, at a cost of course, like satellite broadband that is supposed to reach all parts of the UK.

There are an estimated three million households who are unable access the government’s minimum standard for broadband as laid out in the Digital Britain report, which is due to be released next month.


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  1. cyberdoyle says:

    scuse me, but it has been a serious concern since 2003! it is only now that govt is starting to pay attention and surveys are getting done and getting publicity. Well they are on the web at any rate. it may be a while before the fleet street mob finally get a handle on it all LOL
    We have been saying for years that many people can’t get connections, but the BT people have been telling gov that 99.6 % of the country can get adsl, which is an out and out porkie. Thank goodness samknows and thinkbroadband are coming up with more info, although even they don’t know all the notspots there are. Funnily enough people who can’t get broadband don’t go online to fill out surveys. strange huh? it needs to hit the tabloids for more to come out of the woodwork. Also in many rural areas satellite is not an option because of south facing hills, and mobile isnt’ available either, 47 hours to download open office on a 3g dongle at £30 a month? that isn’t what i call digitalbritain do you?

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