Sony joins USB universal charger movement

June 5, 2009

Sony Ericsson has announced some massive changes to its current storage solutions recently, including the new MicroSD memory card to be used in place of the traditional M2 card.

Due to limitations on the M2 format Sony has decided to stop utilizing the incompatible system all together.

Additionally, Sony Ericsson announced that it will drop UMD from PSP stations and is planning to join the universal charger movement that denotes phone chargers use a standard micro USB slot instead of the signature Sony Ericsson chargers.

Sony Ericsson is a large proponent of the universal charger movement which is estimated to reduce about 51,000 tons of wasteful duplicate chargers.

According to the Fortune Alexander, the Sony Ericsson Global Marketing Director, all upcoming Sony Ericsson phones from the date of the announcement onward will be compatible with the announced changes.


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