Brain Training launches on the iPhone

June 9, 2009

Brain Training launches on the iPhone
Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training software launched this week in the iPhone App Store.

Originally designed for the Nintendo DS, with the guidance of Japanese neuroscientists Ryuta Kawashima, Brain Training has been revamped and renamed for the iPhone, although DS gamers will recognise the game’s brain exercise regime.

Renamed ‘Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima’, the iPhone app features a series of puzzles in logic, maths and observation to improve users’ neural capacity.

New features of Brain Training on the iPhone include Facebook integration, so users can upload their scores to share with friends, and pass-to-play, allowing four players to compete on a single handset.

As with the DS version, a full set of Sudokus is included for enthusiastic learners who can’t wait for the Dr’s next daily lesson.

Barry O’Neill from Namco Bandai Networks, the game’s designers, said: “It’s not often that Apple aficionados have to play catch-up.

“We look forward to seeing how iPhone and iPod touch users rank against others who are already using Dr. Kawashima’s approved brain training games on the move.”

Research published earlier this year showed that Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training is about as effective as a chat with friends at improving cognitive functions.


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  1. Baby Brain Power says:

    Brain training games are really wonderful and effective. Brain games on the iPhone will definitely be effective and enhance the brain.

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