Teens have free rein of family PCs

June 10, 2009

More than half of UK parents are clueless about what their children get up to online, a new survey has revealed.

Only 3% of Brits monitor the online behaviour of their children, the study found, leaving 97% of teens free to do as they please whilst connected to the Internet.

Parents are particularly worried about the amount of time their kids spend on social networks, with 55% of parents wishing their children would spend more time studying, than on sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Nearly three quarters of parents are concerned that their children will lose face-to-face communication skills because of the amount of time they spend online.

Trend Micro, which conducted the survey, recommends that parents spend time talking with their children about how they use the Internet, set time limits for Internet use, keep security software up to date, and put their computer in a common area such as the lounge or dining room.

“With the summer holidays fast approaching, parents should put simple but effective measures in place to ensure their kids do not fall victim to unnecessary dangers,” said Rik Ferguson, Trend Micro security expert.

“Parents need to become more tech savvy first before they can start educating their kids on what’s right and wrong.”


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