Free coffee with Speakeasy VoIP

June 15, 2009

Speakeasy, a subsidiary of Best Buy, is launching a new promotion to encourage customers to switch to VoIP services, by offering a free Starbuck’s gift card in exchange for faxing in a phone bill that is open to its business customers, so that you can receive a detailed analysis of how much you can save with VoIP.

The offer comes alongside Speakeasy’s claim that you can save up to 45% on your phone bill by switching to the hosted VIP telephone service and thus afford your morning cup of coffee.

CEO of Speakeasy Bruce Chatterley said that the ad is focused on companies which are trying to cut spending in tough times and that many cut small perks, such as office coffee, when they could make technological changes (i.e. VoIP services) and save much more so they can keep the small things that make employees happy.

As part of the promotion Speakeasy is also publicising the ‘top five myths’ of VoIP services in an effort to clear up misconceptions and get businesses thinking about the possibility of using VoIP services instead of traditional phone lines.

The company advocates that outside of saving money, businesses that switch to VoIP are able to compete with other businesses better, are more functional, and enjoy productivity increases overall.

These traits are emphasised throughout their advertisement educating businesses on the myths of VoIP.

Speakeasy first expanded its VoIP services in March so that businesses can use VoIP services with IP PBXs as well as traditional lines.


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