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June 15, 2009

Sharp LC-52D85U HDTV

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by Franz Bicar

It’s hard to start a review on a negative note. But, the Sharp LC-52D85U is not something that’s easily praised. The Sharp LC-52D85U offers good images but fewer features than some competing TVs.  Another thing about the LC-52D85U  is its design. Sharp obviously didn’t design the LC-52D85U with style in mind. The on-screen menus, the remote, and even the manual could have used a once-over to make them more friendly. However this model does very well on the most important criterion in choosing a television - image quality.

Putting the LC-52D85U through its paces shows how underrated this television is. Lot’s of reviews for this set gave it very low marks. We can’t really fault them, but, if you base your decision on those things that counts, the LC-52D85U’s score is way up there along with the leading sets from other brands. The LC-52D85U is exceptionally adept at showing excellent clarity and detail. It does have its shortcomings like artifact issues, pixelations, and washed out colors. But overall, the set delivers really well.

Aside from video, the Sharp LC-52D85U  also delivers acceptable sound. Sounds are loud and clear. As for the quality, it all depends on the user but in general, the LC-52D85U’s audio is quite okay.

Unfortunately, design deficiencies make Sharp’s remote and its menus difficult to use. The remote is freckled with tiny, difficult-to-press buttons. Though it has a backlight, this feature doesn’t provide much help in the dark. Press the Light button, and only the elongated Volume and Channel buttons, plus four others, light up. Since the labels aren’t illuminated, it’s unclear which button is which.

Furthermore, the Sharp LC-52D85U doesn’t support picture-in-picture or any multimedia capabilities via USB, SD Card, or ethernet.

With this set, its pretty easy to see how it gets such bad raps. It’s not the easiest television to use, and it lacks some features. But maybe for those people who are more concerned with quality rather than vanity, this set is definitely worth considering.

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