SMEs dependent on 24/7 email

June 16, 2009

SME's dependent on 24/7 email
More than four in ten (42%) IT directors at small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) would be fired if their firm had no email access for 24 hours.

The research by IT support firm Connect revealed how dependent small businesses in the UK have become on constant Internet access.

“As the use of mobile devices in the commercial world gathers pace, it is important that SMEs ensure that their staff can have 24/7 access to email and other key applications,” said Mark O’Dell, Connect’s director of new technology.

Despite their increasing reliance on email, the recession has made many small businesses reluctant to replace ageing servers, making them vulnerable to failure.

Connect recommends that SMEs sign up to an email continuity service, allowing them 24/7 access to email even if their Exchange server malfunctions.

Connect recently upgraded its Email Continuity service to run on mobile phones, including the iPhone, Windows Mobile handsets, Blackberry phones, and Google’s Android handset.


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