Virgin Media dumping Phorm - not!

June 18, 2009

According to a report at PC Pro, Virgin Media is claimed to be against using the invasive advertising system Phorm in its broadband service.

Unfortunately it seems as though Phorm’s recent rebranding to Webwise has confused both PC Pro and Virgin Media.

A reader of PC Pro’s sister title, Micro Mart, had asked Virgin Media what its plans were over deploying the Phorm or Webwise system.

The response was that, after taking time to consider the product, it has decided not to move forward with the deployment of Phorm, because it uses the Webwise ad monitoring system.

After all the negative publicity over Phorm, it seems that the recent change in name to Webwise is not simply causing confusion - but also in danger of hiding the controversy over the use of Phorm’s use of personal data collected from ISPs for marketing purposes.


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