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June 22, 2009

Insignia NS-LCD52HD-09 HDTV

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by Franz Bicar

The right price is what makes most television sets successful today. However, the right performance will also play a vital part. The Insignia NS-LCD52HD-09 definitely has the right price, but its image quality is another story.

The Insignia NS-LCD52HD-09 is at the $1400 price range, a very good deal for a 52-inch HDTV. With today’s economic problems, a set at this bracket is an absolute bargain. But also, users have to expect a similar level of performance comparative to the value of the the set. This might not be the case for all products in the market, but for the Insignia NS-LCD52HD-09, it is.

Not to be too cruel, the NS-LCD52HD-09’s really is not that bad, but its not that good either. Furthermore, the sound quality of its speakers is mediocre at best. Also, setting up the set is more difficult than it should be. But again it’s about what you would expect for the comparatively low price.

Setup is more difficult than it should be. The first time you turn this TV on, you won’t see a first-time setup menu. Instead you have to figure out the setup yourself - and since it never asks where you’ll be using the TV, you’re likely to leave it configured to look good in a store, not in your living room. The main menu is tiny, hard to read, and annoyingly situated right in the middle of the screen. It offers no on-screen explanations for its various options.

In image quality tests, the NS-LCD52HD-09 produced colors and skin tones that lacks texture and subtle shades. In result, faces become either too pale or too lifeless. For the NS-LCD52HD-09’s credit, it did handle movement very well. The set displays steadiness that other expensive TVs couldn’t match. Furthermore, pixelation appears randomly around certain objects.

For this set, if you are really serious with sound, you’ll need to obtain a separate sound system. Also worth noting, the Insignia NS-LCD52HD-09 includes a headphone jack for when you want to watch TV without disturbing others in your household.

Though the NS-LCD52HD-09 is unexceptional overall, it does have an expertly designed remote control. With your forefinger resting in the back grove, your thumb goes easily to the Volume and Channel buttons. Overall, the buttons that you’re likely to use most frequently are easy to find and to press. The remote is even programmable.

As mentioned, the Insignia NS-LCD52HD-09 is not really a bad set - but it could have been more. For those on a budget hunkering for a 50-inch HDTV, then the NS-LCD52HD-09 is worth checking out.


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