BBC’s red button available for HD users

June 24, 2009

Satellite viewers will be able to do more with their HD TV service, with the BBC introducing the “Red Button” feature to BBC HD.

Until now this interactive service was not available.

This means that subscribers to Sky+ HD and Virgin Media, along with users of the free satellite service Freesat, will now get full use of the red button.

The BBC has timed this perfectly to coincide with the start of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships that can be seen on the BBC at any time of the day, somewhere.

The red button gives the user the ability to pick and choose the match that they want to see.

However HD viewers expecting to press the red button to see HD content may be disappointed, as video within the interactive service will be shown in the standard format for now, although most set top boxes will scale the service up to HD.


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  1. john z says:

    My red button does not Work, Sky are investigating but no result yet, I have a sky + hd box , any one having similar problems it use to work but had not wanted to use it till recently.What can I try to obtain a cure other than requsting help from Sky. John

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