Cyber Warfare is a real threat to the UK

June 26, 2009

The UK government is putting cyber security right at the front of its newly updated security plan.

According to the security minister, Lord West, terror organisations from China and Russia have already attacked the UK, although these groups are not necessarily sponsored by the state.

The warnings appear to be coming from all areas, even terror group Al-Qaida is said to be planning massive cyber attacks on western states such the US and UK.

The Prime Minister has likened this threat to the days when the British Empire relied on the navy to protect its borders, while in the 20th century the air force secured our airspace.

However, cyber warfare is a completely new ball game for governments as attacks can come from anywhere and indeed anyone.

Could this be the silent assassin that many governments fear?

To protect the UK from future cyber attacks, the government intends to create an Office of Cyber Security.


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