Government to investigate community broadband

June 29, 2009

It seems that no matter what the Digital Britain report states, rural broadband is an issue that needs addressing now rather than in a couple of years time.

According to the Commission for Rural Communities (CRC), the government should be looking into how it can help with community broadband schemes to ensure that rural areas have access and control of the connections to the broadband network.

The CRC estimate that almost half of the UK’s rural population receives a broadband connection that is below the 2 Mbps baseline created by the government.

It has even produced a report named “Mind the Gap”.

In this report, the CRC outlined that a third of people working from home live in rural areas and indeed if the next generation broadband was rolled out into the rural areas, this would encourage more entrepreneurs to set up internet based businesses.

Currently there are around forty community broadband schemes in the UK and many of these schemes are operating a fibre network.


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