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June 29, 2009

Vodafone starts six month mobile broadband contract

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by David Allen

The mobile broadband provider Vodafone will be offering its service to new customers on a six month contract.

This idea could be attractive to customers who do not want to be tied to twelve month long contracts, such as students and freelance workers.

The deal is basically the same as the twelve month contract.

For £15 a month the user gets a monthly data allowance of 3 Gb with a connection speed of up to 7.2 Mbps, although the maximum speed is only available in certain locations at the moment.

The only difference would seem to be that the customer would be required to pay out £29 for the mobile broadband dongle.

The 3 Gb data limit, according to Vodafone, is good enough for users to send 2,000 emails, download 200 music tracks, 100 short videos and surf the internet for around 100 hours.

Story link: Vodafone starts six month mobile broadband contract

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